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Online entrance examination system (free php source codes)

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 Posted: 12/3/2018 1:37:00 PM


Web-based examination system

Online entrance examination software is a one-stop solution for creating web-based examinations for entrant students. The application was designed in such a way that an admin can administer and grade exams easily. Using the application, an admin can create multiple choice/answers tests, quiz or exam.

Some features of the software


1. Registration/Login
2. View Subject Lists
3. Take Test
4. View Result


1. Manage Questions, Subjects, and Categories
2. Add Students
3. View, Print and Export Results
4. Manage System Users

Hardware Requirements

1. A minimum of Pentium 4 with a speed of 1.3 GHz.
2. A minimum RAM capacity of at least 512MB.
3. Hard disk capacity of at least 100mb free space.

Software Requirements

1. Windows 7 and above
2. Wamp or Xampp Server
3. Web Browser (Firefox or Chrome)

Some Snapshots


Online entrance examination system (free php source codes)

Download Source Codes

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Download Source Codes

Installation Instructions

1. Download and install Wamp server
2. Extract the package folder
3. Copy the folder to C:\wamp\www
4. Create a new database in localhost/phpmyadmin and import the SQL file in the folder

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